Introduction – Quantum Technology

The following is the first chapter of the Introduction to Metatones booklet, which can be downloaded in its entirety from the Free Metatones Booklets section of this site.

Physicists tell us that the physical body is an organized field of molecular vibrations existing within an atmosphere and universe of smaller quantum vibrations, referred to as the Zero Point Field (ZPF). Our physical body’s molecular structure has as its foundation a quantum substructure of vibrations that is part of the ZPF. Our quantum substructure is also known as our Human Energy Field (HEF), commonly referred to as our aura. Physicists also tell us the following:

  • The ZPF is a limitless field or reservoir of energy and information.
  • There is a constant exchange of energy and information between the ZPF and the HEF.
  • If we could discover ways to increase the exchange between our HEF and ZPF, we would both discover and induce humanity’s optimum performance levels.

Traditional approaches to human health generally attempt to effect healing change at the molecular level. One such example is the bio-chemical effect of every prescription, which strive to change and heal our imbalances at the molecular level. Although traditional approaches to health have many effective applications, they fail to encompass the quantum foundation of our human structure. Because of these facts, traditional medical approaches to health and attempts to optimize our performance levels have inherent limitations.

Our aura is sometimes referred to as our subtle bodies, light body, Human Energy Field (HEF) or simply our field. Since the 1930s man has been photographing our light body through the use of Kirlian photography (aura photography), thus confirming the existence of our light body. For examples of aura photography, please see the Seeing Is Believing exhibits on our internet site.

The Metatones technology embraces an ancient belief that is now commonly accepted by many within the scientific community: many if not all physical and mental illness, in addition to many of our emotional and spiritual challenges, are a reflection of some vibratory imbalance or impurity at the quantum level of our field. Thus, in order to facilitate health and/or optimum performance at all levels of the human condition, particularly where traditional approaches are not successful, our field or quantum substructure, must be included in the therapeutic approach. More specifically, the impurities/imbalances within our field, that manifest as physical illness, mental impairments or ongoing emotional challenges, must be corrected at the quantum level if healing is going to occur. Further, improved brain functions and optimum performance levels will not be obtained as long as energetic imbalances reside within our field. Finally, elevated levels of consciousness know as enlightenment and Christ Consciousness will remain topics of discussion rather than reality, as long as imbalances within our fields remain.

As long as imbalances reside within our field, the related life challenge or illness, be they physical, mental or emotional, will persist. Many now propose that the purification of our fields not only lead to physical, mental and emotional health but also represent the foundation for optimum performance levels and higher levels of consciousness. What does higher levels of consciousness really mean? One description is…remembering ourselves prior to the creation of our energetic imbalances…or our natural, God given enlightened state, which some refer to as Oneness Consciousness and/or Christ Consciousness. Please see the Metatones Theory booklet, in the Free Metatones Booklets section of this site, for more information on how Metatones assists in obtaining Christ Consciousness.

The evolution of medical science dictates the invention of new therapies for identifying, removing and healing our imbalances/flaws at the quantum level. In addition, new quantum-based therapies hold the key to purifying our fields, whereby we induce the optimization of all aspects of human performance. These new therapies must correct our imbalances/flaws where they reside; within the quantum structure of our fields. Once an energetic flaw is purged, the new, healthier vibratory structure is automatically transferred to our physical body via our chakra and meridian networks. This healthier structure is a step towards the purification or synchronization of our Human Energy Field (HEF).

Physicists recognize the Zero Point Field has a limitless reservoir of energy and information, which is stored within the ZPF’s vibrational matrix. The consensus is that increasing the energetic and informational flow into our HEF will produce our optimum performance levels. A principle of the Metatones technology follows: The gradual synchronization of our field/light body facilitates physical, mental and emotional health, in addition to our optimum performance levels, because it increases the flow of energy and information from the ZPF into our field.

One of the reasons this increase in energetic flow facilitates health is because it places additional energetic pressure on any imbalances/impurities, thereby bringing them to the surface of consciousness for resolution at an accelerated pace. As previously stated, vibratory imbalances in our fields are the source of many of our problems because they manifest as physical, mental and emotional life challenges, sometimes referred to as karma. A huge benefit of fewer imbalances in our field is that it facilitates a higher energetic and informational exchange with the ZPF.

Besides increasing the energetic and informational flow into our field, an additional benefit of removing imbalances and synchronizing our field is hemispheric synchronization. This is when the right and left hemispheres of the brain are in ideal vibratory balance (synchronized), producing peak brain performance. Considering that far less than 1% of the population have synchronized brain waves, most would experience noticeable improvement in their brain functions by improving the balance between their right and left hemispheres. Would you like to gradually improve your brain functions with an easy to use therapy, which requires less than an hour a week?

Just as there is a genetic/vibratory template for our physical body, there is a common formula for our HEF. The Metatron team has discovered a sizable portion of this vibratory formula and has incorporated it into every Metatones program, thereby creating a sound technology that increases the energetic and informational exchange with the ZPF. We have also discovered that the best way to use this discovery, and to improve our quantum structure, is with uniquely personalized vibrations…which are produced using the common formula in conjunction with a short recording of the voice. Consistent with the principles of homeopathy and resonance, the Metatones technology produces thousands of precisely calculated vocal permutations using the common formula to the HEF. The result are waves of frequencies that gradually refine, balance and synchronize the HEF. More specifically, by synchronizing the layers of our light body, inclusive of our chakra and meridian networks, Metatones increases the energetic and informational flow from the ZPF into the Human Energy Field.

The Metatones audio software provides a progression of voice activated programs. Each program escalates in potency and produces permutations of the user’s voice, delivered in a series of binaural beats. Binaural beats, a brain function improvement therapy, are created when different frequencies are delivered to the right and left hemispheres of the brain simultaneously (via headphones). Metatones affects the layers of our Human Energy Field, chakra system, meridian network and the physical body, inclusive of our brain waves. The effect is the gradual movement of our field towards synchronization, which simultaneously synchronizes our field with the Zero Point Field, thereby increasing our energetic and informational exchange with the ZPF. Thus, consistent use of Metatones accelerates our movement towards optimum performance levels and higher levels of consciousness.

Years from now, new Zero Point Field therapies will be developed and used in ways that we can only imagine. These new quantum-based therapies will help us induce physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health by purifying our fields and increasing the flow from the ZPF. The related benefits to the human psyche and physical body will reinvent accepted therapies and improve all facets of human health and performance. The first generation of this new quantum-based technology is the easy to use audio software called Metatones.

As you are reading this sentence, some of the brightest physicists on the planet are trying to discover how to tap into the energetic and informational matrix of the ZPF. The reasons are numerous, including the consensus that by increasing the flow into our field we will accelerate our evolutionary process and unlock the ultimate potential of humanity. They simply don’t know that the discovery they search for has already been made and incorporated into Metatones.

Metatones is a mathematically based sound therapy for our quantum substructure—our Human Energy Field. It is unlike any other sound therapy because it utilizes the vocal frequencies of the user in conjunction with the mathematically based formula to our field, which also incorporates portions of the parallel formula of the ZPF.

Metatones affects positive change in a three-step process.

  1. Our light body or field is gradually adjusted to a more synchronized and healthy vibratory structure. Think of a Metatones session as a sound message and energetic tune up for our light and physical bodies.
  2. As our field becomes more synchronized, more energy and information is automatically transferred from the ZPF into our field, and then into our physical body and brain. This transfer is accomplished within the layers of our HEF, which contain the networks known as our chakras and meridians. The meridian system is the same network used with acupuncture. The principle is simple: more energy = better health and optimum performance.
  3. The synchronizing effect of Metatones combined with a binaural beat format promotes a balancing of the brain waves (hemispheric synchronization), which gradually improves brain functions.

In the 1990s the description the inventor (Rita Aguirre) arrived at for Metatones was homeosonic; representative of a sound therapy using the homeopathic principle = like vibrations cure imbalances in like vibrations. In other words, we are an organized field of vibrations and Metatones facilitates health with permutations of our vocal frequencies. Thus, Metatones is the ultimate application of the homeopathic principle.

Regarding our brain functions, think of Metatones as a synchronizing sound therapy for your brain waves that slowly enhances and improves your brain functions. There are many healing and empowering facets to the Metatones technology, all of which have positive effects on our energetic/quantum anatomy, many of which are transferred to our physical body and brain.

The starting point for understanding the benefits of Metatones is to appreciate the quantum world we live in, the Zero Point Field. The structure of all matter, including the human body, breaks down into a quantum field composed of energetic vibrations. We now know there is no such thing as a void or a vacuum, anywhere in the universe. Even where it had been thought there was nothing present (i.e. a void), science has discovered a world saturated with a matrix of quantum vibrations: the invisible and mysterious universe of the Zero Point Field. Thus, whether we are discussing the atmosphere we live in or the cells that make up our physical bodies, EVERYTHING VIBRATES and is connected to and part of the matrix of quantum vibrations known as the Zero Point Field. Scientists refer to this invisible vibrating structure, which passes through and connects EVERYTHING in the universe, by a variety of names. I refer to the quantum structure of our universe as the simply the ZPF.

EVERYTHING in the universe is a part of and connected to the ZPF—a massive universal web or matrix of quantum vibrations. Thus, from the quantum view of the ZPF, that we all exist within and are part of, we are all truly ONE…one single mysterious field. The elite members of the scientific community focus their attention on the ZPF because they know it is where many of the mysteries of life live and breathe. How every facet of our quantum world functions is still in question. However, we do know that the ZPF is a limitless reservoir of energy and information, and that we are constantly exchanging energy and information with the ZPF as part of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual processes.

As has been introduced, the Metatron team has made a major breakthrough. We have discovered a simple way to increase the flow of energy and information into the Human Energy Field from the ZPF. This pulsating energetic matrix or field is the engine of our being and consciousness. This invisible energy supply constantly assists us with our never ending physical, mental, emotional and spiritual evolution. All living things are dependent on this quantum ocean of vibrations. The unconscious and life sustaining exchange of energy and information with the ZPF is constantly pulsating through not only our field but also our physical brain and body.

A component of the ZPF is the smallest known particle of matter, the neutrino. Billions of neutrinos pass through every square inch of our field and skins’ surface every second. As mind boggling as this fact is, many have concluded that to obtain our true potential we must find new therapies to increase the energetic flow from the ZPF into our Human Energy Field, thereby accelerating the evolution of humanity.

It is now apparent that up until now the improvement in the energetic flow (from the ZPF into our fields) has occurred unconsciously and gradually, parallel to the evolution of humanity. This era is coming to an end with the consistent use of Metatones because it gradually increases our energetic and informational exchange with the ZPF and thus, accelerates our evolutionary path. Why does the Metatones therapy have this beneficial effect? Because long-term Metatones use induces the gradual synchronization of the Human Energy Field and brain waves to the ZPF. Why?...because the HEF and ZPF share the same mathematically based formula or vibratory structure…and this common formula is used by Metatones. Thus, by employing the principle of resonance and its synchronizing effect, the inevitable result is an increase in the ZPF’s flow into the HEF, which manifests as gradual improvements to the human condition. The balance of this booklet plus the Metatones Theory booklet (in the Free Booklet section of our internet site) provide more information on how Metatones produces the benefits described.

Although many of the principles and technologies used by Metatones are complex, the operation of this sound therapy is simple. Metatones was designed to bring this potent audio therapy right into the homes of our customers. Each session begins by making a short recording of the voice. Positive affirmations have been the most effective. The software then generates a series of precisely calculated permutations of the voice frequencies, which are added to and mixed with the original recording. The benefits are obtained by simply listening to the audio output. The Metatones sound therapy induces a gradual shift to a healthier vibratory pattern, which helps us to make positive changes to improve the quality of our lives.

All of the programs begin with the foundational layers of our field. Each level of programs (1 through 5) systematically progress outward into our field and more deeply into the meridian network. Each program (A through F), at each level of programming, also progressively impact a larger portion of our field. The five levels of programming gradually increase in potency and are sold in sequence, except for Level 1 and 2, which can be purchased together at a discount. Because of the potency of Metatones, many customers do not feel the need to use more than the first two levels. A related factor is that most of our energetic imbalances reside within the first few layers of our field, which are within the frequency range of the Level 1 and 2 programs. Thus, if you are dealing with an emotional challenge or crisis, consistent Metatones use will accelerate the resolution thereof for reasons previously described = improved brain functions = new and clearer perspective on solutions.

Simple to follow operating instructions and the Frequency of Use Guidelines are contained in our Operations Manual. The initial sessions are only five to sixteen minutes in length. Because of the potency of Metatones, no more than three sessions per week are recommended. Long-term use of Metatones is essential to
maximize the benefits. Customer support is provided via the telephone and email. Considering Metatones can be used in the privacy of the home and that anyone who has access to the software can use Metatones, the cost per session is minimal. For those interested in an introductory book on the ZPF and the benefits of increasing the energetic flow from the ZPF into the HEF, The Field by Lynn McTaggart is suggested.

You have just read the first chapter of the Introduction to Metatones booklet, which can be downloaded in its entirety from the Free Metatones Booklets section of this site.

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