What Is The Metatones Sound Therapy?

Easy to use audio software that delivers personalized sound therapy


Quantum based technology that synchronizes brain waves to improve brain function & elevate consciousness.

Who Uses It?

People who...

Want better functioning brains = better life

Desire higher levels of consciousness

Desire better focus = improved performance

Want better decision making = better life

How Does It Work?

Benefits are derived by listening to the audio output in a relaxing environment

Sessions begin with a short recording of the user's voice consisting of positive affirmations, which have been most effective

Then a series of short intervals are delivered with the original and variations of the user’s voice, using a Metatron discovery*

Using brain wave synchronization therapy, different frequencies are delivered simultaneously to the right and left ear**


*The Common Formula to the Human Energy Field | **Utilizing a Binaural Beat Format

Initial sessions are 16 minutes or less | Not more than 3 sessions per week are recommended

Benefits = Improve Your Life


Brain Performance

Grandually improves brain functions by synchronizing (balancing) the brain waves


Focus & Consciousness

Purifies the human energy field, leading to more energy and information from the quantum universe. The result is higher consciousness and performance.

Better Brain

= Better Life

Better decision making, focus, physical performance, learning skills, and productivity result in improved performance.


Positive Change

Amplifies the intention of the user in each voice recording/session (positive affirmations) to make positive change a reality.

Balanced Brain Waves + Positive Intention = Improved Performance & Higher Consciousness