Metatones & Aura Photography

Over seventy years ago a new kind of photography was invented that allows us to see the auric layers around our physical body, which proved the existence of the human energy field. As we learn more about our energy field, its’ quantum structure will become the focus of new therapies.

Our light body’s parallel to our physical body’s nervous system is the meridian network. This meridian network is what acupuncturists use for healing the physical body. The goal is to balance the meridian network and increase the energetic flow from the Zero Point Field. The higher the flow of energy, the healthier we are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A growing perspective is that all illness, along with our inability to maximize human potential, originates with a blockage of the free flow of energy from the ZPF. Metatones is a quantum based therapy with the primary goal of increasing our energetic intake from the ZPF, which provides many benefits.

People often ask me “how do you know Metatones delivers more energy to the human energy field?” There are many ways to answer this question. One way is that “if” Metatones increases the flow of energy from the ZPF, and it clearly does, then people who use Metatones will have a bigger, brighter aura! It is that simple. Metatones increases the flow of energy into the human energy field, which causes the aura to become bigger and brighter— “Seeing is believing”.



Seeing is Believing

Photograph A was taken without the aid of Metatones. Photograph B was taken two minutes after Photo A and after two minutes' use of the Metatones II device. This person had no exposure to Metatones prior to these photographs.

This series of Aura photos is over a three-week time period in January, 1997. Various sessions with Rita Aguirre, both including and excluding Metatones occurred. Photograph A was taken prior to any Metatones sessions. Photographs B and C were taken immediately after Metatones sessions. Each photograph was taken in order, one week apart.

Photograph a was taken without Metatones. Photograph B was taken 2 Minutes after photograph A with Metatones II technology operating.

What Users of Metatones Have to Say

We at Metatron encourage feedback from the users of Metatones for a variety of reasons. We thought it was time to provide a communication format whereby some of the results of the homeosonic therapy could be expressed and shared. If you are using any of the five levels of the Metatones programs and would like to share the effects with us, please send us an email.

Linda Viveiros
I have never encountered any therapy like Metatones and continually observe many positive results.
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Frances Liberali
Metatones only takes a few minutes each week and it has changed my life! Metatones is like meditation and sound therapy on steroids.
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Grace Newton
I simply can not adequately communicate the positive difference that Metatones has had on Andrew and our home life.
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Vanessa Wichman
I have worked in the "therapy" business for years and have experienced the seemingly endless list of healing treatments…but I must say this is the real deal.
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Jessica Parker de Salinas
I feel very relaxed after the sessions and if I have a headache it fades away. Metatones has a definite calming effect and is probably a very good therapy for stress...
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The success and accomplishments of the past few years were incomprehensible prior to using Metatones. I am on a very positive road of growth, joy and success!
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Several weeks into your Metatones routine I began to sense something was changing. It was like some of the mental pressure was slowly and subtly beginning to subside.
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I am becoming free of all the emotional baggage I have been carrying around. My life is now freer and more pleasant in so many ways… the positive effect on my day to...
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Metatones is easy to use…things are going very well. I am noticing that I am much less stressed and seem to be thinking much clearer these days.
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The Metatones approach of using variations of the voice frequencies to access the unified energy field to heal the human energy body is brilliant.
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Julia Smith
I highly recommend Metatones to anyone wanting to improve their life, removing negative behaviour, thoughts and beliefs which give the ability to think in new positive...
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