What is Christ Consciousness?

Christ Consciousness is the enlightened state of awareness that Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus) obtained and lived 2,000 years ago. As crazy as this will sound to many, in the last 30 plus years, Jeshua ben Joseph has channeled numerous books and CDs. This new, contemporary version of Jeshua’s teachings is vastly different from traditional Christianity. Jeshua’s stated goal is for millions to follow in his footsteps and obtain Christ Consciousness...while still incarnated in the Earth dimension.

A new internet site, jeshuabenjoseph.com, has been launched to communicate and promote Jeshua’s path to Christ Consciousness. Please use the links below to access the life changing information that is now available.

How does Metatones play a role in accelerating the shift to Christ Consciousness?

Technology alone will never open the door to Christ Consciousness. However, how Metatones helps accelerate the shift to Christ Consciousness is detailed in two documents: