Metatones & Aura Photography

Over seventy years ago a new kind of photography was invented that allows us to see the auric layers around our physical body, which proved the existence of the human energy field. As we learn more about our energy field, its’ quantum structure will become the focus of new therapies.

Our light body’s parallel to our physical body’s nervous system is the meridian network. This meridian network is what acupuncturists use for healing the physical body. The goal is to balance the meridian network and increase the energetic flow from the Zero Point Field. The higher the flow of energy, the healthier we are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A growing perspective is that all illness, along with our inability to maximize human potential, originates with a blockage of the free flow of energy from the ZPF. Metatones is a quantum based therapy with the primary goal of increasing our energetic intake from the ZPF, which provides many benefits.

People often ask me “how do you know Metatones delivers more energy to the human energy field?” There are many ways to answer this question. One way is that “if” Metatones increases the flow of energy from the ZPF, and it clearly does, then people who use Metatones will have a bigger, brighter aura! It is that simple. Metatones increases the flow of energy into the human energy field, which causes the aura to become bigger and brighter— “Seeing is believing”.

Seeing is Believing

Photograph A was taken without the aid of Metatones. Photograph B was taken two minutes after Photo A and after two minutes' use of the Metatones II device. This person had no exposure to Metatones prior to these photographs.

This series of Aura photos is over a three-week time period in January, 1997. Various sessions with Rita Aguirre, both including and excluding Metatones occurred. Photograph A was taken prior to any Metatones sessions. Photographs B and C were taken immediately after Metatones sessions. Each photograph was taken in order, one week apart.

Photograph a was taken without Metatones. Photograph B was taken 2 Minutes after photograph A with Metatones II technology operating.

What Users of Metatones Have to Say

We at Metatron encourage feedback from the users of Metatones for a variety of reasons. We thought it was time to provide a communication format whereby some of the results of the homeosonic therapy could be expressed and shared. If you are using any of the five levels of the Metatones programs and would like to share the effects with us, please send us an email at or go to our Facebook page.

Linda Viveiros
I have never encountered any therapy like Metatones and continually observe many positive results.
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Linda Viveiros

Dear Michael,

I would like to give you some feedback regarding the environment in which I am using Metatones and some of the positive outcomes that we are experiencing.

I am a Professional (Registered Nurse) working in a school for teenage girls and young women (12-21) with behavior problems in South Africa. Girls with various behavior problems are sent here by court order for intervention when all other measures have failed. Unfortunately, we no longer have any therapists (Social Worker, Occupational Therapist or Psychologist). I introduced the Metatones sound therapy hoping some of the girls would take advantage of this technology. I had been personally using Metatones with positive results so I was confident the girls would also experience benefits from Metatones.

We (the then psychologist and I) initially selected girls who we thought would benefit most from a Metatones routine. This was not very successful for reasons alluded to in the Metatones literature; Metatones users have to want to use the sound therapy on a long term basis to obtain the benefits. I then introduced various incentives for using the Metatones therapy and began to see positive outcomes!

As mentioned, we still had a Psychologist on staff when we initially started the Metatones therapy. One of the first things that the Psychologist noticed was that after Metatones sessions the girls were noticeably more prepared to deal with the relevant issues. Metatones is not an ‘instant cure all’ and some of the girl’s progress has been more noticeable than others. However, habitual use appears to consistently open up the personality in a way that facilitates slow and gradual improvement. Even though Metatones utilizes new technologies unfamiliar to most, the benefits of long-term Metatones use should not be discounted by traditional mental health professionals.

According to the participants, Metatones sessions generally keep them more relaxed and help them to calm down after any crisis. In fact, they often rush into the clinic and ask to do a Metatones session after stressful events on campus. Some say that they are calmer, don’t fight as much and even sleep better. Some of the girls no longer have a need for sleeping pills and medications that control their anger. I have never encountered any therapy like Metatones and continually observe many positive results.

A Few Specific Cases

- When one 15 year old arrived here she was so traumatized that she could not speak coherently and could not read or write. Her social worker had in fact tested her hearing as she was non-responsive. She also used medication to mitigate her frequent anger outbreaks. Since she has been using Metatones she can now speak much better, can write an understandable letter and can read simple books! Her cognitive abilities have improved dramatically and her anger is more under control. This was after approximately six months of sustained Metatones therapy, without any sessions with a psychologist! After a few more months of Metatones use I was able to completely wean her off of her anger control medications. She is now completely drug free and doing very well!

- One girl had been at our facility for 2 1⁄4 years with minimal progress. This pattern changed when she began to use Metatones. Noticeable progress was being made after 9 months of Metatones sessions but her court order expired and she left our facility.

- Apart from other behavioral issues which brought her to the facility, one girl had bulimia and anorexia. She basically used food as a weapon to manipulate those in authority when she was unhappy about a given situation. After using Metatones for about 8 months this habit came to an end! Her problems still need attention but at least the self destructive aspects have come to an end.

- One girl carried on relentlessly about many trivial items. There was a subtle underlying level of nervousness and anxiety about many things. Consistent Metatones has changed all of this and she is now much calmer.

- One girl suffering from the trauma of witnessing a murder had frequent migraines. Written examinations at our school as well as impending trial dates would often trigger her anxieties and result in a migraine attack. She found that Metatones kept her calmer and wrote her final exams over a period of a month without one migraine attack. She still had many problems when she left our facility but she was making progress. I wish she could have used Metatones longer.

I have made Metatones available to everyone on our campus including members of the staff who have asked to participate. One notable case is a staff member who no longer needs her stress medications or sleeping pills.

Even though Metatones represents very new concepts I hope this information motivates others to try Metatones. Long-term use is essential. I would love to help people with Metatones full-time but for now I will carry on with ‘my girls’.

All the best,

Linda Viveiros

Frances Liberali
Metatones only takes a few minutes each week and it has changed my life! Metatones is like meditation and sound therapy on steroids.
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Frances Liberali

Metatones is like meditation and sound therapy on steroids. Each session begins with a short recording of your voice. You record positive affirmations on your computer and Metatones does the rest, adding in overtones of your voice to produce the audio output. It makes my entire body vibrate with good energy and it lasts long after the session is over. I have been using Metatones for several months now and I am convinced areas of my brain that were dormant have been activated; my thinking is clearer and new ideas are easier to comprehend. Sports are a huge part of my life and there has been a notable improvement in my agility and ambidexterity. Physically I feel great and I have lost weight. 

I have spent hours and dollars striving for self improvement and spiritual well being with disappointing results. Metatones only takes a few minutes a week, costs relatively little, and has changed my life!

Thank you, thank you
Frances Liberali 

Grace Newton
I simply can not adequately communicate the positive difference that Metatones has had on Andrew and our home life.
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Grace Newton

Re: Letter of recommendation for Metatones - ADD child and in general

To whom it may concern:

My 14 year old son Andrew has various mental disabilities. He has difficulty with his reading and writing, has severe speech impediments, is overweight, is emotionally immature, and has ADD. After about a month on the Metatones therapy Andrew is doing better than he ever has and continues to show signs of ongoing improvement. He is much calmer, can now do some basic math in his head, his speech has improved, he completes tasks, looks forward to his homework (which he never did before Metatones), doesn't have temper tantrums any more, does not argue with his mother and father as he use to and even his facial expressions are softer and more gentle where as prior to Metatones he was frustrated or angry a good percentage of his waking hours. I simply can not adequately communicate the positive difference that Metatones has had on Andrew and our home life. Andrew now demonstrates periods of a new inner joy and a new acceptance of himself that was never there prior to Metatones. He always smiles when he finishes a Metatones session. Metatones has absolutely changed Andrew's and our lives in such a short period of time. We now have hope for our son and better yet, Andrew now has hope for himself!

My husband I also began to use Metatones when we saw the positive changes with Andrew. Metatones has helped us to approach life with a calmer and less stressful perspective. We do not fight over the little things that we use to and we are communicating better than we have in years. It seems like we generally do not have the fears and doubts that we use to have and approach life in a much more constructive and peaceful manner. Metatones has opened the door to balance, self-awareness and purpose.

We still find life challenging and we have our bad days but we see things improving thanks to Metatones. A few very nice things about Metatones is that it is very easy to use even though we are not knowledgeable about computers and the Level 1 sessions take less than 20 minutes. I totally recommend Metatones for not only mentally disabled people but for the entire human race!

Grace Newton

Vanessa Wichman
I have worked in the "therapy" business for years and have experienced the seemingly endless list of healing treatments…but I must say this is the real deal.
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Vanessa Wichman

Auto Accident - Metatones Helped pull me through

Do you feel everything your doing isn't working to the highest potential?

Do you feel stuck and your healing process needs a different type of attention?

Do you have the need for infinite LOVE for yourself and all others?

Sound familiar?

Then read below.

Several years ago in January 1999 I had an experience of a car accident that changed my life and the way I was living it. I lost everything including myself (that had to happen). Well let's back up for a minute. Before all of this I was a neuromuscular massage therapist. I was trained at the Reilly School of Massotherapy in Virginia Beach, VA. I studied Edgar Cayce methodology, massage and remedies. Over the years I received training on a variety healing techniques. I had a thriving business and everything in my life was so positive and exciting that it is difficult to put into words. Now lets jump to July 2001 (after my accident). My normal week was around 4 hours of various therapies 4 times per week. My physical abilities had so deteriorated that I was barely able to function as a social human being. I didn't have the ability to drive, to go to any major public places (restaurants, malls, etc.). I lost the ability to have friends and above everything, I lost my freedom and who I was. I dropped to my knees and cried (several times) and asked GOD to help me, just help in anyway. I was ready to surrender everything I knew and believed in. Even though I must of said these words many times and cried my eyes out more than a few times I guess I was not really ready for change and allow healing to come into my life. This is when Metatones came into my life.

I was referred by a good friend of mine, a therapist, to go see the "lady who does Metatones", a new alternative sound therapy. Well I did and at first to be honest I thought that Metatones was just another therapy that was not going to help me. Well I dare you, no I double dare you to do Metatones for at least 11 times and after that tell me you are not changed for the better. All I can say is for me it worked and I really don't believe this is just another therapy. I have worked in the "therapy" business for years and have experienced the seemingly endless list of healing treatments, techniques and technologies that are available today but I must say this is the real deal. It has been an interesting journey of change and healing. In the beginning sessions I sensed change was taking place, but I didn't really notice or understand it till the 11th session. It was then after consistently using the Metatones technology that I had profound experiences. I will not even attempt to completely describe the healing process, both physically and spiritually, that I went through because I could never do it justice. It was like someone just turned on the light switch in my body. The beneficial effects would last for 2-3 days and for me that was monumental because just taking a shower use to be exhausting. I have been doing Metatones for over a year now and it has honestly been my lifesaver. I am not the type of person who tells people to read this or that book, take these herbs, or do this therapy because it will help you in your life's journeyÖÖÖ. no you can do what ever you want to and YOU know what works for you. But if what therapy you are using or being in life isn't working, I encourage you to try Metatones and stick with it for at least 12 sessions. This is a life changing therapy that is very easy to use in your own home! If you are ready for some life changes, and if fear comes up when you consider it, then you really know you should give it a try.

Specific healing experiences with Metatones

1. I have found that right after I do a Metatones session I can see about 75% better. It is like someone switched my eyes back on. I sometimes practice driving after Metatones. Things that would normally irritate my vision like shadows, distances and so forth just don't seem to bother me as much and for me this is really monumental because after my accident my eyes had become so hypersensitive. I have been using various other vision therapies for my vision problems for over 2 years and the fact that Metatones CHANGES how I see is well, I just cannot explain how huge that is for me!

2. Since my accident I have had to deal with a serious case of adrenal fatigue. It was so bad that I could not even take the recommended supplements for my symptoms because the digestion process took all the energy out of my body. For those who have never had this problem it is like having a serious never ending case of the flu. At approximately the 12th Metatones session I really started to notice a definite shift in my energy levels. It was like I was getting my body and normal energy levels back again. It was more than an amazing experience! For me it was like someone put the light back into my body! At the beginning my energy levels fluctuated up and down. I think this occurred because I had some "junk" in my lower chakras. As I continued with the Metatones sessions the therapy assisted me to clear out my chakras by gradually releasing the junk that was stuck and that process was part of my journey.

3. In summary I have found that Metatones not only improved my sight and increased my energy level, it changed the way I was living. I have found that the healing process is really not about doing the work, it is about accepting without judgment what comes and opening our heart to the flow of life. Metatones will assist you to change your life for the better foreverÖÖÖ..are you ready? I am!

With all my LOVE,
Vanessa Wichman
Golden, Colorado

Jessica Parker de Salinas
I feel very relaxed after the sessions and if I have a headache it fades away. Metatones has a definite calming effect and is probably a very good therapy for stress...
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Jessica Parker de Salinas

Dear Michael (Metatron)

I am a psychologist from El Salvador and I bought your sound therapy this year. The purpose of this email is to let you know about some of the results that my client's have had with Metatones.

  • One of my patients is a seven year old boy who came to my clinic because he was not doing well in school. He had a difficult time paying attention and concentrating. After three months of bi-weekly sessions with Metatones he has improved a great deal. His teachers have congratulated him on his progress and even the Principal of the school was pleased to hear about his advance. I combined Metatones sessions with other emotional therapy and it has worked very well.
  • Another person using Metatones is a 31 year old man. He suffers from depression and has under gone numerous tests (EEGs, blood tests, etc.) to find the origin of his problem. This is a hard case because he feels like crying often and generally feels very sad. We are trying to get him to express everything that he feels and thinks to determine the origin of his illness. He is not interested in using drugs because of the side effects. Even though he has just started using Metatones (just finished the Beginning level) he claims to feel more relaxed with a better state of awareness.
  • My mom has been using Metatones for two months now and the first time that she used it her arrhythmia stopped. She generally feels calmer and more relaxed now.
  • Several other people including my father and other members of my family have used Metatones. The general reactions are tingling sensations in various parts of their bodies plus a very relaxed attitude after the sessions. It has been very positive. The tingling sensations are probably do to an increase in the energy flow through the meridian system. I have had a few children say the repetitive nature of the sessions was boring and they did not want to use it again.
  • I am personally using Metatones and look forward to advancing to the Level 3 programs. I feel very relaxed after the sessions and if I have a headache it fades away. Metatones has a definite calming effect and is probably a very good therapy for stress related symptoms.
  • I have begun using Metatones on a few clients who want to improve their learning skills so I will let you know how they do.
  • I personally think that the Metatones system is awesome. I have recently read a book by Masaru Emoto (Japanese) on water that supports the power of thought. You know, just the fact of hearing a positive thought over and over again with Metatones gets into your subconscious and the power of thought moves us and the world in a more positive direction. Considering our bodies are over 90% water the Metatones therapy presents many interesting possibilities.

    Well that's my update. I really think your system is wonderful and hope to be able to help others with this tool.

    Peace be with you,
    Jessica Parker de Salinas
    Psychologist from El Salvador

    Update from Jessica Parker de Salinas

    This is additional feedback on two closed cases that started receiving Metatones Sound Therapy last year: Daniel Chevez and the man I will refer to as Mr. D.

    Daniel Chevez came to my clinic because he had been diagnosed as Hyperactive by his teachers and was flunking many subjects at school. He took Level I and II and received a total of 56 Metatones sessions, distributed in 10 months. At first, he accompanied these sessions with emotional therapy, and received a total of 16 sessions.

    As I mentioned before, he improved his academic record greatly! He started showing improvement after three months of Metatones sessions and maintained a good average at school ever since then. His behavior also got better: he was more attentive, more calmed and easy going.

    We successfully ended this case on May 7th.

    Mr. D was the man who had two suicide attempts years before, who had lived in what he referred to as "in darkness" for many months, developingphotophobia and practiced all the exams necessary to determine his condition (he even went to CUBA to do MRIs, EEGs, many blood tests, etc.) and no physical causes were found to be altering his emotional behavior.

    Mr. D received a total of 12 emotional therapy sessions (he didn't want to continue with them) and a total of 55 Metatones sessions, distributed in almost 6 months. He also completed Level I and II. At the same time, he was taking natural remedies with another doctor, including herbs like Bellen Star, Valeriana, Pasiflora, San Juan's herb, etc.

    When he begun Level II, he stopped taking those natural remedies and stayed only with Metatones sessions to see if this sound therapy was sufficient enough to maintain benefits and he reassured this fact: he could take efficient decisions, he felt more energetic, he could sleep better and even felt more attentive and sensitive to people around him.

    I proposed to him (as you and I agreed a few months ago) that he could continue receiving Metatones's Level II Program, alternating between the beginning program 18 seconds session and Level II E 18 seconds session. But he said he felt prepared to continue on his own feeling much better.

    We successfully closed this case on May 1st.

    There is a new child receiving Metatones, he started on March this year. He came because he had "Separation Anxiety Disorder". He has improved, but still needs to continue. We made 8 sessions of Stress Inoculation Training (SIT) and he has received a total of 12 Metatones sessions. I'll feedback you on his advances in a few months.

    Hope everyone at Metatron is well and all of your family too.

    Blessings, happiness and love,

    Additional Update from Jessica Parker de Salinas

    This is feedback on advances with three cases.

    Case number 1 is Oscar P. He is a 7 year old boy who came to my clinic on March this year because he had separation anxiety disorder. I made 8 stress inoculation sessions and gave him Metatone's level I program. After four months of therapy he improved significantly. He is actually about to finish Level I and is able to manage being apart from his parents, is able to close doors any time, anywhere, is able to handle staying alone in the dark, among others. His parents are very happy with results and will stop taking him to the clinic after finishing level I program, because they are already satisfied with Oscar's positive behavior changes.

    A 12 year old boy, Daniel R., started receiving Metatones Therapy on May this year because his academic average was very low. He had been taking Ritalin for four months before going to my clinic, but showed no improvement with it. After 8 sessions of Metatones therapy Daniel uplifted his school average and started scoring 90s and 100s. He didn't even have to attend summer school after. He will finish level I program on September, and her mother wants to stop right after to see if his good behavior, capacity of paying attention and responsibility towards studies continues without the need of more therapy.

    Finally, an 80 year old man went to receive the beginning program and level I A, on June this year. He went because he felt depressed and had trouble dealing with sadness and anxiety on his own. He felt so well after 11 sessions that decided to stop after. He has been feeling wonderful ever since then (two months so far).

    Hope this contributes to your research data.

    I'll let you know if a new Metatones therapy client shows up. So far, so well. Thanks to your system, I have been able to help 14 people and that is an amazing feeling.

    Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool.

    Send you my best intention, gratitude, happiness and love.
    Jessica D. Parker Salinas

The success and accomplishments of the past few years were incomprehensible prior to using Metatones. I am on a very positive road of growth, joy and success!
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Dear Metatron:

I have been using Metatones consistently for many years and felt the urge to express my appreciation for the development of such a unique and effective therapy. To say I am not the same person who started the Metatones program would be a considerable understatement. At the time I started using your sound therapy my objective was to reinvent myself and in the process shed many millstones which had hung around my neck.

I was involved in a very debilitating and emotionally abusive marriage. Prior to using the Metatones sound therapy I had been receiving professional help with very limited success. When I began to use Metatones in conjunction with professional help things really started to happen. I started to move in a positive direction for the first time in a long time. Today, I am completely out of the abusive relationship. I am now involved in a new and fulfilling relationship. Metatones played a very important role in this long and challenging process.

The positive changes to my life did not stop with the major relationships described. Today I am also the president of my own company. The success and accomplishments of the past few years were incomprehensible prior to using Metatones. I am on a very positive road of growth, joy and success!

The Metatones formula of combining positive intention and affirmations with sound technology is something that I may not completely understand but it is truly effective. Over the years of Metatones use I have seen my general attitude and approach to life’s challenges improve due to a much clearer mental perspective. As a result, my decision making abilities have noticeably improved. My life is less stressful now and the normal anxieties that we all experience some how seem to be less intense than they use to be. I also attribute long term Metatones use to a significant improvement in my sleeping habits.

Yours truly,
Denver, Colorado

Several weeks into your Metatones routine I began to sense something was changing. It was like some of the mental pressure was slowly and subtly beginning to subside.
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Hello Michael

This is just a short note of thanks for the years you have devoted to the Metatones sound technology. I had tried so many different things looking for some help to my long history of migraine headaches and insomnia. Just as you had predicted, several weeks into your Metatones routine I began to sense something was changing. It was like some of the mental pressure was slowly and subtly beginning to subside. I began to sleep longer and deeper. The frequency and severity of my headaches also decreased.

Phoenix, Arizona

Metatones is easy to use…things are going very well. I am noticing that I am much less stressed and seem to be thinking much clearer these days.
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Hi Michael,

I started to use the Metatones program a few months ago and have been slowly working my way through the Level 1 programs. I am currently on program 1D. Metatones is as easy to use as you told me it would be and things are going very well. I am noticing that I am much less stressed and seem to be thinking much clearer these days. A few people have even commented how well I am looking, so I think the positive results are quite evident. I am thinking that I would like to move onto the next level of Metatones programs. What is involved?

London, UK

The Metatones approach of using variations of the voice frequencies to access the unified energy field to heal the human energy body is brilliant.
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Re: Metatones helps with depression and poor memory

Hi Metatron,

I have been suffering with a variety of anxieties and depression since 1992. My condition has hospitalized me on more than one occasion. Over the years I have used almost every antidepressant psychiatry has to offer and several mental health professionals. In my most desperate periods I even used ECT (electroshock therapy) on two occasions.

It has been expensive and devastating to be worn down without gaining any stability or positive direction. By about 2003 I was completely worn out from traditional approaches and not getting anywhere so I decided to try a spiritual approach. I read many books spirituality. I became convinced that there were more effective treatments for mental health than the conventional medication and talk-therapies. I have become convinced that many mental disorders start with an energetic block within the human energy body. These energy blocks manifest in a variety of symptoms. In my case my blocks have caused anxieties, a weak memory and even states of emotional unavailability. A weak memory is normal with extended periods of depression.

Over the years I always hoped for an easy to use system that was affordable and could be used on a PC or laptop. I needed a system that could improve my thinking and memory. I have tried a lot of different things including Hemi Sync, hypnosis software and many other CD products. The Metatones Audio Software is by far the most effective therapy that I have found and its’ cheap. The Metatones approach of using variations of the voice frequencies to access the unified energy field to heal the human energy body is brilliant. Its’ so High Tech I can’t find the words to describe it. Metatones is product ahead of our times. In the years to come Metatones will be recognized as a groundbreaking technology.

I am only into my fourth week of the Metatones Level 1 routine. I am already feeling the benefits. I have felt an improvement in my memory in that old memories are surfacing with clearer details. This is a big step for me. I am also making better decisions due to a general improvement in my overall mental clarity.

Best regards,
Sydney, Australia

I am becoming free of all the emotional baggage I have been carrying around. My life is now freer and more pleasant in so many ways… the positive effect on my day to...
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Hi Michael,

After my last email to you I got to thinking about some of the experiences I’ve had with Metatones. Thought I’d outline them for you for a testimonial. This will be my contribution to helping other people see the value of Metatones so they will try it and stick with the suggested routine.

When I first began to use Metatones all sorts of childhood memories began coming up during dreams, in the middle of the night waking me up and keeping me up or randomly during the day. Some memories triggered strong emotional reactions. I had some cries along the way so this was not a painless process. The related issues were obviously unresolved. By consciously confronting my unresolved emotions and releasing what was stored within me it had the effect of healing old wounds. Each such occurrence seemed to take a few days. There are a number of relationships that now feel healed to me. This process included revisiting emotional injuries from earlier relationships and somehow understanding them from a new perspective. The end result was letting go and feeling OK.

Having childhood memories moved onto young adult memories. All of them came to me in dreams, early morning insights or throughout the day. The same healing cycle seemed to be repeating itself only with a few more physical sensations. There were times where I would feel emotionally bad combined with physical symptoms… an emotional fever of sorts. Eventually the emotional and physical negativity would pass leaving me feeling better than before the episode began. It was like I was lightening my load. This was all happening naturally. I was not trying to make any of this happen.

I have now moved onto becoming more aware of current relationships. I have noticed how much more stable I now feel, particularly in comparison to some of the people around me. I am feeling more solid physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My self esteem has definitely improved and I am more appreciative of the unique individual that I am. All of these improvements are ongoing with a positive new twist. Because I feel more loving and compassionate towards myself its like some of these new positive feelings are effortlessly going out to the people around me. I did not plan any of this, it’s just happening. It’s a wonderful experience.

I’ve always been a fairly mellow person, but even more so now. I also feel more trusting that everything is happening just as it should and pretty much flowing with it. Although I still have stressful moments, because of the process described I quickly move into a much more trusting perspective that everything will be taken care of. The worry then subsides. The overall pattern has been that whatever needs to come (emotions or relationships) to be resolved comes up. Then with a new found level of maturity I observe how the issue is somehow understood from a new perspective. With this new increased level of understanding the matter gets resolved and cleaned up.

I am only on the Level 2 programs and much has happened. In describing the pace my progress is taking it’s very much like a seed that’s been planted. Every seed has its own timing on when it sprouts and flowers. It’s quick for some and slower for others, but the sprouting and flowering is taking place. Seeing it in this way keeps me patient and trusting. I’m getting so much more out of this Metatones experience than I ever expected and I am only on level 2!

It’s been a wonderful journey thus far. Although I have tried to explain some of the benefits I really don’t have the words to describe everything that has happened. It’s both subtle and not so subtle all at the same time. All I know is that the pace of receiving new insights into many facets of my life is faster now that I am using Metatones. Things that I’ve tried to resolve before are now healing and falling away. I am becoming free of all the emotional baggage I have been carrying around. My life is now freer and more pleasant in so many ways. The profound nature of the entire Metatones process and the positive effect on my day to day life cannot be adequately put into words.

As I continue my process I intend to investigate my past lives and life between life experiences as suggested in your booklets. This appears to be a necessary step. I need to add that I’ve read 100’s of self help books, have taken a few seminars over the years and not one of them has come close to the benefit and experience that I’m having with Metatones.

I so much appreciate you providing Metatones for those of us who want to move forward but haven’t made the desired progress on our own. I truly value your gift to the world.

Holladay, Utah

Julia Smith
I highly recommend Metatones to anyone wanting to improve their life, removing negative behaviour, thoughts and beliefs which give the ability to think in new positi...
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Julia Smith

Dear Michael,

I have been using Metatones since early 2008 and have been slowly making my way through the levels. I started at Level 1 and I am currently at level 4E. I used Level 1 & 2, 2-3 times per week for 2-3 months consecutively, but over time and Levels I have reduced usage so now use it once every 3-4 weeks.

I cannot begin to tell you how much Metatones has improved and changed my life - it has transformed it. When I started it in February 2008 I was suffering anxiety, fears, a lot of nervous energy, low self esteem, lacked belief in myself, and carried a huge burden of negativity which seemed normal at the time but looking back I see how stressed I was and was basically in shut down mode, and only dealt with it through huge efforts of positive thinking.

During the first five months as I made my way through levels 1 & 2, I very quickly noticed how much better I was feeling & coping with day to day situations. Over time I experienced how much my mind opened in awareness.

My working background was in Finance which was driven by adrenaline; and now I am working in Holistic Natural Therapies and loving it ! Without Metatones my life would not be the way it is now - which is amazing.

People are continuously telling me how well I look. I communicate easily and my anxiety and fears have disappeared. I am empowered trying new things which could be negatively judged by others, but that doesnÌt worry me.

I highly recommend Metatones to anyone wanting to improve their life, removing negative behaviour, thoughts and beliefs which give the ability to think in new positive ways. The effect can be so rewarding.

Thank you Michael, for making this program available and also so affordable.

Julia Smith
Sydney, Australia

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