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Introduction to Metatones

Introduction to Metatones

30 Pages | 3.6MB PDF | Download

In addition to a 5 page introduction this booklet provides much more information on:

Improving brain functions, clearing imbalances & optimum performance

Technologies incorporated into Metatones

Sessions and the Techniques for Use of the Technology

General Effects During & Subsequent to Sessions

Operations Manual

Operations Manual

11 Pages | 122KB PDF | Download

This booklet communicates the step by step operations of the Metatones audio software.

Demostrates ease of use of software

Frequency of Use Guidelines

The Metatones Theory

The Metatones Theory

21 Pages | 709KB PDF | Download

This booklet provides an introduction to the principles and formulas used by the Metatones Technology, and how consistent use of this therapy taps into the energy resource of zero-point field (quantum substructure of the universe).

Introduction to Behavioral Genetics

Introduction to Behavioral Genetics

36 Pages | 1.5MB PDF | Download

Just as our physical body is constructed with a genetic blueprint, which dictates our unique set of physical qualities, so to with our behavioral patterns. The huge difference is that our genetic behavioral patterns are not as obvious as our physical characteristics. Thus, we develop a lifestyle and behavioral patterns based on a variety of influences, including “the patterns we idealize”. The result is we live conditioned lifestyles that are in conflict with our natural, genetic behavioral patterns, making life more difficult and frustrating than need be. This booklet introduces the Human Design System, an information system of behavioral genetics. See the Reading section of this site for information on a personal HDS reading.

Past Life Review & Self-Regression

Past Life Review & Self-Regression

50 Pages | 5.2MB PDF | Download

This booklet provides an introduction to remembering prior lives.

Professional organizations, whose membership offers both past life and life between life sessions, are also disclosed.

Additionally, this booklet describes a technique to remember prior lives without the assistance of a trained past life therapist.

Jesus vs Christianity: The Myth of Heaven & Hell

Jesus vs Christianity: The Myth of Heaven & Hell

Jesus Channeled Books

Ever since Palestine was leveled by the Roman legions in the late first century, the teachings attributed to Jesus have been veiled in a fog of Christian dogma and delusions. This book unravels the Christian illusions that have stained and confused the legacy of Jesus. A "few" of the biggest illusions include the following:

  • Jesus never taught that He was the only Son of God or that His crucifixion atoned for the sins of man, creating a path to heaven for humanity. This Christian mythology was the creation of the so-called apostle Paul, who in fact was a counterfeit apostle, scorned by both the real Apostles and family of Jesus.
  • Jesus never embraced the heaven or hell afterlife alternative, but rather taught that we evolve gradually via the cycle of reincarnation and the many benefits of remembering our prior lives (consistent with modern era past life regression techniques).
  • A series of ancient documents reveals that Jesus taught a highly evolved lifestyle void of religious dogma, which combined quantum physics with spirituality, referred to as “scientific spirituality”.

If you are looking for a book that tells the true story of the early Christian era and redefines the teachings of Jesus, then this book is a must read. This book is available at

Christ Consciousness Meditation

Affirmations for Christ Consciousness<br /><span style="font-size: 0.7em;">From The Way of Mastery, By Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus channeled by Jayem)</span>

Affirmations for Christ Consciousness
From The Way of Mastery, By Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus channeled by Jayem)


As crazy as this will sound to some, Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), has been channeling a contemporary version of his teachings for the past several decades. Part of this extensive body of information is his The Way of Mastery trilogy—The Way of the Heart, The Way of Transformation and The Way of Knowing. This represents his three-year course for making the shift to Christ Consciousness (aka ascension, enlightenment and/or oneness consciousness). The purpose of this book is to provide a study aid (Part I) for the first book of Jeshua’s course — The Way of the Heart.

An element of his course instructions is to take notes on what each student perceives as his most important teachings and how to apply them in your everyday life. This was expanded, and with considerable assistance, major portions of Jeshua’s text was converted into a first person, positive affirmation format. This personalization of Jeshua’s path to Christ Consciousness assist anyone in owning and living in the energy of his wisdom.

Affirmations for Christ Consciousness Part I is available at Michael is in the process of writing Part II and III of this study aid series.

Jesus Channeled Books Christ Consciousness Meditation