Owner's Biography
Michael Dybicz

Early Years

  • Born in suburb of Chicago in 1952
  • Graduate of Milliken University 1974 – Major Accounting
  • Married to his wife Marcia in 1975
  • Five years in Chicago working for an international public accounting firm

Moved to Winter Park, Colorado in 1979

  • Hired as financial controller for Condominium Management Company and later became the president and owner
  • Formed Park Center Associates to purchase and manage a commercial building

Career Path Change – mid 1990s

  • Study of inter-related subjects of the human energy field, quantum physics and past life regression commenced.
  • In January 1996 met Rita Aguirre, PhD. Rita made the initial Metatones discovery in May 1996. Metatones is a sound technology that provides state-of-the-art sound therapy
    (synchronizes the brain waves and the human energy field). Michael became immersed in the use, research and development of Metatones.
  • Obtained considerable training from Rita on many subjects, including Reike (hands on healing) and advanced Pranic Healing techniques (for the human Energy Field). During this same period the relationship between quantum physics, the human energy field, remembering prior lives and the advanced teachings of Jesus became an area of research.
  • By 1997 it was clear the research on Jesus was uncovering information missed, ignored or buried by the Christian establishment. Elements that were clearly incorporated into the model lifestyle promoted by Jesus included quantum physics, the cycle of reincarnation (within a structure of universal principles) and the benefits of remembering our prior lives.
  • The advanced teachings of Jesus motivated Michael to pursue years of remembering his prior lives. A self-regression technique was developed—remembering prior lives without using a regression therapist. The benefits derived from this lengthy endeavor were profound and uncovered additional insights the advanced teachings of Jesus.
  • In 1997 the Human Design System (HDS) of behavioral genetics became another subject of life-long study and research. Years later Michael began offering HDS readings—a 90 minute overview of anyone’s genetic behavioral patterns. See the Personal Reading section of this site for more information. 
  • In 1998 Michael purchased Metatones from Aguirre. He started the Metatron Company to pursue the commercial application of Metatones.
  • See the Free Booklet Section of this site for several booklets that were authored over the next several years:
    • Past Life Self-Regression
    • Introduction to Metatones
    • Metatones Operational Manual
    • The Metatones Theory
    • Behavioral Genetics
  • 1998-2007 - major improvements to Metatones, including the conversion of the technology to an audio-based Windows software.
  • 2005 – sessions devoted to remembering “life between life” (LBL) periods were first experienced. As is the case with past life regression, LBL sessions allow people to tap into the subconscious and remember their experiences in the spiritual dimensions, in between incarnations on Earth. The LBL sessions provided new insights into our spiritual nature and the advanced teachings of Jesus.
  • 2012 – Years of research and practice culminated in the ability to give Akashic Record Readings, communicate with non-incarnate souls (departed loved ones and The Council/Christ Oversoul) and the offering of personal sessions.
    • Akashic Records = the history of everything a soul has ever done.
    • The Council = Christ Oversoul = Christed Beings of Love & Light that are conscious of our innate ability to act as channels/mediums for God—a Beingness of Pure Love. The Council/Christ Oversoul communicate with a unified voice
    • See the Personal Reading section of this site for more information.
  • 2012 – After over 15 years of research, his first book was published, Jesus vs Christianity—The Myth of Heaven & Hell. The only son of God mythology of traditional Christianity is dismantled and a new perspective on Jesus is introduced, including his numerous references to quantum physics and reincarnation in ancient documents. See booklet six in the Free Booklet Section of this site for more information.
  • Areas of research commenced on our pre-incarnation planning process, near death experiences and how our so-called after-life fits into our spiritual nature. Although it has not been widely publicized, the evidence produced by numerous and ongoing studies is definitive; our consciousness and individual identities (referred to as the soul/higher self) survive the physical death of our brain = we have no end…ever.
  • 2013 to present – Dedicated student of the “channeled teachings” of Jeshua ben Joseph, the authentic name for Jesus. This extensive body of information conveys a contemporary version of Jeshua’s teachings. This process is ongoing via numerous channels and mediums. For a partial list, see the Jeshua’s Channeled Books button on the bottom of this page or on booklet 6 and 7 in the Free Booklet Section of this site.  
  • 2018 & 2019 – Published three books, Affirmations for Christ Consciousness Part I, II and III, which function as study aids for The Way of Mastery trilogy—Jeshua’s (Jesus) three-year course on making the shift to Christ Consciousness (aka enlightenment, Oneness consciousness and/or God Consciousness). For more information, see booklet 7 (Affirmations for Christ Consciousness) in the Free Booklet section of this site.
  • Two thousand years ago, Michael was known as James the Just and/or James the Righteous, the eldest brother of Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus). James is in the New Testament and has been written about in contemporary sources…where he (not Peter) is commonly recognized as the leader of his brother’s movement in the post crucifixion era. Michael/James is back on Earth to play a similar role…to promote and protect the authentic teachings of his brother, Jeshua…only this time in the 21st century.
  • One of the countless fallacies of the New Testament is where the identity of James is hidden behind the character labeled as Stephen, the so-called first martyr. The assassination of Stephen, which was really James, was orchestrated by a counterfeit apostle, who is known in the New Testament as the famous apostle Paul...a primary author of the New Testament. Yes…that’s correct…one of Christianity’s heroes, Paul, was never a bona-fide apostle recognized by Jeshua’s inner-circle. Paul murdered the brother of Jesus…the leader of the post-crucifixion Jesus movement. This was common knowledge in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, and yet the New Testament authors chose to cover it up. For details on the wide-spread fallacies of Christianity, see the book authored by Michael, Jesus Versus Christianity – The Myth of Heaven & Hell.
  • The balance of his current incarnation is devoted to acting as a medium/channel for Jeshua and God in conveying the path to Christ/God Consciousness…which mirrors the contemporary message of Jeshua’s many channeled books and CDs…the first and only accurate body of information that delineates Jeshua’s teachings. 2,000 years ago, there was no internet, no TV, no radio and very few books, because the printing press had not yet been invented. Only Jeshua’s inner circle had access to his most advanced teachings. For the first time, these teachings of enlightenment are now available to the masses.
  • Marcia and Michael continue to live in Winter Park, Colorado.

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