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What Is The Metatones Sound Therapy?

Easy to use audio software that delivers personalized sound therapy


Quantum based technology that promotes health and optimum performance

Who Uses It?

People who...

Seek to make positive lifestyle changes.

Desire to focus and improve performance.

Strive for higher levels of consciousness.

Have a sleeping disorder, mental impairment or disability.

How Does It Work?

Benefits are derived by listening to the audio output in a relaxing environment

Sessions begin with a short recording of the user's voice consisting of positive affirmations, which have been most effective

Then a series of short intervals are delivered with the orignal and variations of the user’s voice, using a Metatron discovery*

Using brain enhancement technology, different frequencies are delivered simultaneously to the right and left ear**

*The Common Formula to the Human Energy Field | **Utilizing a Binaural Beat Format

Initial sessions are 16 minutes or less | Not more than 3 sessions per week are recommended

Empowering Benefits


Brain Performance

Grandually improves brain functions by sychronizing (balancing) the brain waves


Personal Attributes

Enhances mental & emotional clarity, focus, productivity, physical performance, decision making, & sleeping patterns


Lifestyle Changes

Make positive changes easier by using and amplifying the intention of the user in each session/voice recording


Energizes Foundation

Purify and energize the human energy field to facilitate optimum performance, health & higher levels of consciousness

Balanced Brain Waves + More Energy = Improved Health & Performance